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  • Do You Need To Apply For Interstate Custody Disputes? Consider Talking To A Lawyer First

    Getting divorced is a process that never seems to stop spinning. If it’s not one thing tripping you up legally, it’s always another. Family members who haven’t decided on who gets what. Child custody hearings that keep getting pushed back to later dates. When you’re just trying to move on with your life, every new […]

  • Why Are Fathers Suing Utah?

    In Utah, Biological mothers are giving up their children for adoption without the fathers’ consent. Current laws do not require women to notify fathers. At least 12 men are suing the state, hoping to change that. The men are seeking financial restitution and asking the state of Utah to reconsider its current adoption laws. “Adoptions […]

  • Where Family Law Comes in

    A Corona family attorney might be just the person to talk to if you live in this California town and you are going through a difficult divorce. A Corona family attorney might not be someone that you want to see. Nonetheless, sometime divorce is more or less inevitable and you need to make sure that […]

  • What Galveston Divorce Lawyers Know and What their Clients Can Learn

    No one likes to get divorced but that does not change the fact that it happens. A Galveston divorce lawyer can help people who are facing this difficult choice resolve it as amicably as possible. In Gelveston divorce lawyers probably see the most cases of divorce in February, as do most lawyers because this is […]

  • Two Instances Where Atlanta Law Firm Might Be Your Only Chance At Freedom

    For some people, gaining freedom from a legal perspective means winning a criminal case n order to prevent or reduce a jail sentence with the help of an Atlanta DUI attorney. For others, it means bailing out of a bad marriage with the assistance of Atlanta divorce attorneys. Regardless of what sort of legal issues […]