3 Benefits of Contractors Partnering with Lawyers

The United States is a country that’s home to one of the largest construction markets in the world. In fact, statistics from 2016 found that the United States construction market amassed a worth of nearly $1,162 billion. Considering that, many contractors work throughout the year to complete construction projects. However, it’s important that contractors remain protected from stressful legal situations. Many contractors work with attorneys in order to keep their companies safe from trouble. In this post, you’ll learn why every contractor should consider working with a construction attorney.

Assistance with Contract Preparation

It’s important that companies and clients are able to come to agreements. Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing when someone will go back on their word. Therefore, many companies utilize contracts in order to create legally binding documents. This means contractors often have to prepare, understand, and sign contracts before work begins. Consider Continue reading

What an Appellate Attorney Does and Why You Need to Retain One

Appeals process

If you’re facing a legal issue, knowing what kind of legal counsel to retain is important. Just as there are several different kinds of doctors, there are many different kinds of law practitioners and attorneys. Knowing what kind of legal professional to work with is critical to the success of your case.

This is especially true when it comes to appeals, which are much different than standard legal or trial cases. Appellate courts evaluate the decisions made by lower court judges or juries and have the power to uphold or reverse a previous verdict. The appeals process goes beyond asking a judge or jury to determine innocence or guilt, and involves a number of complexities that are best handled by appellate attorneys. Continue reading