4 Potential Signs You’ve Been Wrongfully Terminated

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Being fired is one of the most devastating things a person can go through. If it happens suddenly or after you’re suspecting it, a firing is an awful situation. However, there is hope that your firing might fall under what is called wrongful termination. Civil lawsuits, including wrongful termination cases, cost the United States economy nearly $239 billion a year. To put it simply, wrongful termination is when someone is fired for an unlawful reason. Here are four signs that you may have been wrongfully terminated.

  1. Fired After Reporting an Incident

    Part of being a great employee is reporting wrongdoing within a company. Unfortunately, not all businesses operate with ethics and integrity. Some employees can face wrongful termination for reporting wrongful activity. Un Continue reading

Are You in Need of A Securities Fraud Attorney?

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Work has been pretty stressful for you the last few months. With new regulations and trying to balance all of the responsibilities, you feel like you are failing often.
Tonight, however, you have time for reflection. Today you lost two investment clients. They did not move their accounts, they passed away. It is sad to lose a client. You have emailed and called these people; their lives mattered to their families and friends and to those of you at your company. Death sadly puts life into perspective a bit. The regulations in your industry won’t ever go away, and you know that you will find ways to adjust and adapt regardless of the inconvenience it causes. But your clients, they are first. And when you lose one, you are grateful for the small part you have played in helping plan for that one day wh Continue reading

Where to Go for Complicated Legal Advice

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No one ever said that the United States law was easy or straightforward. That’s particularly true when it comes to federal and state statutes and regulations that have in been in place for many years. Luckily there are services where you can go to get all the information that might be needed about federal statutes in any given situation.

Many of the legal documents and rules have been around since the 1700’s, so it’s no surprise that they can be hard to contact or understand. Occasionally old laws stop being relevant and have to be written, but understandably there can also be a middle period Continue reading