Why Aren’t More Police Officers Outfitted With a Body Cam?

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What is your opinion on body cameras for law enforcement officers? A few years ago, the public didn’t have enough evidence to form an opinion about the veracity for improving public relations through the use of a dash camera or body camera. Now, adding a camera to the uniform requirement for police officers looks promising.

The main enticement with police officers having a camera record their hours on duty is accountability. There is a sincere hope that a camera will reassure the public that each police officer will be held accountable for their actions. It reassures police officers that their appropriate actions will protect them from accusations of misconduct.

There is some evidence to support these hopes. The Pew Research Center researched the question in a recent survey of 8,000 polic Continue reading

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Business Attorney

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As a small business owner, finding legal help when you need it is critical. By finding the best possible legal representation, you can conserve both your assets and reputation. With so many legal services out there, finding the right attorney can be difficult. Follow these tips to sift through your options and hire a business lawyer who can help your case.

  1. Consider Recommendations: Ask other small business owners you know about their experience. They might be able to give you the name of a reputable law firm. Also con Continue reading

Do You Know How to Protect Your Personal Property Rights?

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Do you understand your rights concerning your personal property? First, it may be necessary to define what constitutes personal property versus private property. To put it simply, it is a term that encompasses just about all of your things but does not touch on real estate law.

While on the surface, a person’s personal property rights may seem straightforward, you will find that anytime you share a home property dispute mediation can become a very real problem. This happens because of a disagreement about who owns which item. It is also possible for an item to technically belong to more than one person, as with spouses.

The way that can occur is simple, and it actually happens all the time. For example, imagine you and your significant other are living together, and you decide to buy a Continue reading