What You Don’t Know About Court Reporting Services

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Court reporting is essential and integral to our justice system, and yet, it is largely unknown and/or unseen in the general public. In recent years, a shortage in court reporters in America has led to the field becoming more attractive to students who want a guaranteed job after graduation. If they can make the cut and become certified, they’re in for amazing pay and great benefits, in a field that desperately needs young professionals. Court reporting, however, is not as easy as it may initially seem.

Students need to be certified by one of America’s three court reporting agencies: The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA), and the National Verbatim Reporters Association (NVRA) or the American A Continue reading

How to Beat Traffic Tickets

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Law enforcement officers are working around the clock to keep you and your family safe. There is no where more deadly than the road, as millions of drivers are killed and injured each year. There are 200 million licensed drivers according to a 2014 survey. Driving defensively is the best way to avoid an accident, but sometimes other factors get in the way. Beat your traffic tickets; here are some of the situations where you’re going to want an attorney for traffic tickets or auto accidents.

Driving Under the Influence
Drunk driving is one of the greatest problems to plague our world. Every night, someone is guaranteed to get behind the wheel after having some drinks, lets just hope that person is not you. A driver is considered to be impaired by the alcohol when the blood conce Continue reading

3 Reasons to Get a Will

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Nobody ever wants to think about getting a will, but it’s something you have to consider just to be on the safe side should anything happen. Here’s why.

It Puts You in Control. – If you get a will, you put yourself in control of what happens to your estate after you die. You decide how it’ll all be distributed. After all, a will is a legally binding document. If you pass away without getting a will, there’s no safe guarantee that your estate will be distributed as you would have really, truly wanted it.

Mitigate Legal Issues. – If you pass away without a will, not only could your estate be distributed differently than you would have wanted, it could be distributed to people whom you never would have even put there in the first place. For example, a m Continue reading