3 Rights You Have as an Employee

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When you think of employee laws, you may think of them as constraints on workers. This may be true, but most labor laws are in place to protect workers from being taken advantage of by their employers. Here are some of your rights as an employee that you can always insist upon:

  1. The Right to Work Harassment-Free

    Employment laws prohibit hiring discrimination or workplace harassment based on race, sex, religion, national origin, physical disability or age. In some places, there may be protection for additional categories such as sexual orientation, pregnancy or domestic violence victim status.

    The first step you should always take is to report your experiences to your supervisor so that your employer can initiate an internal investigation. In a bes Continue reading

The Top Three Things an Immigration Lawyer Can Do For You

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Immigration lawyers, or avocat en immigration in French, can seem intimidating to the average person, but in reality there are a lot of services that they can perform to help you. Here are three things that an immigration lawyer — or avocat en immigration — can do to make your life a whole lot better:

1. Fill You In on the Process

When it comes right down to it, the process of emigration to USA is very complicated. For someone who is trying to come over, there is an extraordinary amount of red tape — and that only becomes exponentially worse if you are trying to attain citizenship as well, let alone at the same time. Immigration, however, is like bread and water for these lawyers; th Continue reading

A Few Important Things to Know About Criminal Appeals

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Did you know that the United States Constitution guarantees legal representation during a criminal trial? However, legal errors sometimes occur during these trials, and if you believed this happened during your court case, you have the right to file an appeal. This means that by hiring a criminal appeals lawyer, you will be able to fight for your rights in court.

– What is an appeal? An appeal is essentially a document that asks a higher court justice to review the outcome of your case to determine whether or not a legal error occurred. In order to file a petition for an appeal, however, there must be enough evidence to prove that a mistake actually happened. Since a legal error can result in incorrect or unjust punishment, an appeal is designed to help protect the rights of those who may ha Continue reading