Do You Need an Intellectual Property Lawyer?

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Did you know that upward of 9% of all products bought and sold around the world violate the property rights of United States corporations, businessmen, or entrepreneurs? Statistics show that these violations occur in a number of ways: for example, insider theft of intellectual property occurred in 35% of cases in the Information Technology industry, 13% of Banking and Finance cases, and 12% of cases in the Chemical industry. Similarly, trusted business partners were responsible in over 17% of intellectual property thefts, while former employees accounted for 21%. For this reason, if you need help managing intellectual property, are concerned your intellectual property rights have been violated, or have other concerns about copyright and patent laws, it may be necessary to hire an intellectual property Continue reading

Less Foreclosures Doesn’t Mean a Stronger Housing Market

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The economy is on the mend, but many neighborhoods are still suffering from unusually high foreclosure rates. Citizen-Times has reported that foreclosure rates are slowly going down, which is goods news to many people, but that the rates are still unreasonably higher than industry experts would prefer. A hidden consequence, according to the online article, is that foreclosures still affect the real estate market — even foreclosures which happened years ago — because a few low property prices can cause the value of an entire neighborhood to go down. Many homeowners are struggling now not because of sudden financial problems, but because of the after-effects of so many foreclosures.

The most frustrating part of the foreclosure process is that homeowners seem to have no control over it — it Continue reading