Month: March 2014

  • Four Reasons Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Lawyer

    Home foreclosures continue to be a threat to many American homeowners. In 2012 alone, there were about 2,300,000 foreclosures and more than 700,000 home repossessions in the United States. If you are at risk for facing a foreclosure on your home, a residential real estate attorney may be able to help you. But what does […]

  • Robert Kornfeld The Attorney for Car Accident Injuries Who Will Fight For You

    Over our lifetimes, it is highly likely that we will be involved in a car accident at least once. Many of these collisions can be fatal; there is an average of at least one fatality every 12 minutes in the United States as the result of a car crash. However, there are millions more Americans […]

  • Where Can You Turn If You Are a Victim of Domestic Violence? A Lawyer

    You might be wondering, “what is the definition of domestic violence?” To answer the question of what is the definition of domestic violence is not easy. There can be numerous conflicting definitions with different political connotations. To answer what is the definition of domestic violence, one must understand where domestic violence fits into our legal […]

  • How to Find the Right Lawyer

    No one ever wants to hire a lawyer; unfortunately, more situations require or at least recommend that you hire legal services. After all, medical mistakes can take an average of 98,000 lives every year, and everything from car accidents to dog attacks can have a severe impact on your life. And while going through any […]

  • Get Out From Under a Speeding Ticket Quicker

    When you get a traffic ticket in North Carolina you may be tempted to simply pay the fine and be done with it. Before you take this step make certain you understand the consequences of your actions. Make sure you have a strong DWI lawyer one who knows the law in North Carolina. DWI Judges […]

  • Find the Best Lawyer to Help You Through Your Divorce

    Are you in the middle of a divorce? If so you’ll want to find a family lawyer who is qualified and is able to answer specific questions and concerns you may have, such as “How do I fight for sole custody of my children?” and “How do I protect my interests in divorce proceedings?” But […]